Hiking routes in the Carpathians

Routes in category - The first hike without an overnight stay

Climbing theo Tapersh mountain near Kolochava
16.2 km
8 hours
Level: Beginner
Start from the town: Kolochava
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Peaks on the route: Tapesh
What's interesting: Strengthening the Arpad line
Bukovets village - Kopilash mountain - Pisany Kamin mountain - Verkhniy Yaseniv village
11.6 km
6 hours
Level: Beginner
Skole - several local peaks with a height of 1000-1200 m - Waterfalls near the village of Sukil. Completion in the village of Kozakivka
30.1 km
10 hours
Level: Amateur
A popular route to the lake Nesamovite
7.1 km
4 hours
Level: Beginner
Start from the town: Vorohta
Peaks on the route: Turkul , Dantser
What's interesting: Lake Nesamovite , Market in Zaroslyak
Hike from the center of the village of Manyava to the Manyava waterfall in a round to the monastery
24.3 km
6 hours
Level: Beginner
Hike to the cave complex - Dovbush Rocks
9.2 km
3 hours
Level: Beginner
Start from: Polyanitsya - Finish in: Bubnishte
Peaks on the route: Sokolova , Pohar
What's interesting: Dovbush rocks
Climb the Kostrych ridge from the village of Kryvopillya.
16.7 km
7 hours
Level: Beginner
Start from the town: Krivopillya
Peaks on the route: Kostricha , Kostrich , Makovitsya (Verhovina)