Privacy policy

"Trekking Carpathians" uses the privacy policy to show respect for the privacy of users of its sites. Please read the information below to learn more about our privacy policy and how we treat personal information received from users and customers.

What does the privacy policy mean?

This document applies to personal information collected by "Trekking Carpathians" through its site and its management.

This document does not apply to companies that "Trekking Carpathians" does not own or control, or to persons outside the management of "Trekking Carpathians", including contractual content creators and third-party website owners referenced by company.

Collection and use of personal information

You can visit "Trekking Carpathians" without disclosing personal information. However, if you want to add information on the site "Trekking Carpathians", you need to provide some personal information - register an account, subscribe to the newsletter.

If necessary, the information you provide may include personal contact information, such as name and email address. "Trekking Carpathians" will use this information to answer your questions, communicate and inform you about new products and services.

By choosing a service in "Trekking Carpathians", you voluntarily provide us with personal information and consent to the collection of data in accordance with this privacy policy.

Collection and use of non-personal information

"Trekking Carpathians" automatically receives and writes non-personal information to its server logs from users' browsers, including your IP address, cookies, and requested page addresses. "Trekking Carpathians" may use this information to customize the advertising and content that you see and request specific products and services. However, "Trekking Carpathians" does not use this data.

"Trekking Carpathians" allows third-party companies that advertise on our resources to use their cookies on your computers. These cookies are not associated with any personal information. Third-party cookies are subject to their own privacy policies and "Trekking Carpathians" is not responsible for their use.

By default, "Trekking Carpathians" does not store any cookies in the user's browser until the user has configured the cookie storage policy.

Transmission and disclosure of information

"Trekking Carpathians" may disclose your personal information in the following cases:

- When we agree to disseminate such information to achieve certain goals;

- When we need to respond to a court order or any other legal process;

- We need to ensure the security of users of our sites and protect the rights and property of "Trekking Carpathians";

- When we believe that your actions on the pages of our sites violate the terms of use of "Trekking Carpathians".

Delete user information

The "Trekking Carpathians" platform can delete all information associated with a user's request.

If you no longer wish to use the services of this platform, go to your profile settings at the link in the upper right corner and use the "Delete my account" button. All information on this site related to you will be completely deleted

User ID tracking

"Trekking Carpathians" uses Google Analytics to track and analyze site visits and performance. Google Analytics uses a unique user ID if they are logged in under their own name.

Google Analytics will work only after a user enabled this in the cookie consent settings.

On behalf of "Trekking Carpathians", Google Analytics tracks user activity, location, language, browser, operating system, ISP, and devices used to access "Trekking Carpathians". We track this information to improve the tracking of our customers.

"Trekking Carpathians" will not upload data that allows Google to identify a person (such as name, social security number, email address, or any other personal information) or information that identifies a specific device (e.g. , IP address).

To avoid analytics data collection, opt out of Google Analytics and install a special browser add-on. For more information on installing and removing add-ons, see the appropriate help resources for your specific browser.

Media advertising

"Trekking Carpathians" runs ads and remarks using Google Analytics. This means that third-party resources, including Google, may show our advertising on sites on the Internet.

"Trekking Carpathians", along with third-party vendors, including Google, uses cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie or DoubleClick cookie) to optimize the display of ads based on your site visits.

If you want to opt out of advertising, simply set up the Google Display Network using Ads Settings or the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, which will prompt Google Analytics JavaScript not to send site information when you visit Google Analytics .


If you do not wish to consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information, please do not provide it to "Trekking Carpathians". If personal information has been provided, but you wish to prevent its use and disclosure, please report "Trekking Carpathians" to the e-mail address:


Unfortunately, data transmission over the Internet cannot be considered 100% secure. However, your information on "Trekking Carpathians" is well protected and completely confidential. In some parts of our site, "Trekking Carpathians" uses SSL encryption to protect data transmission.

We also protect your personal information from unauthorized access through network firewalls, access control procedures, and physical security measures.

Also, "Trekking Carpathians" stores your personal information for as long as necessary to perform the specific tasks and purposes listed above or in accordance with the law.

Changes in the privacy policy

"Trekking Carpathians" may at any time, without prior notice and in its sole discretion, change the rules of the Privacy Policy. Please periodically review the privacy policy of "Trekking Carpathians" to be aware of such changes.