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"Trekking Carpathians" - the web platform for building a community of hiking enthusiasts in the Carpathians. The purpose of this resource is to collect and organize information that may be useful to travelers in the Carpathians

Services and sections

All services and sections of this site are available free of charge


With the help of users of the platform, we collect information about tourism in the Carpathians. Peaks, routes, interesting places, springs, huts and more. Everything you might need on a hike. We have directories: places, villages and towns, routes.


Based on the information we collect, we support the interactive map. The map helps to build your hiking routes much easier. The information on the map is always relevant and can be supplemented by any member of the community.

Mobile apps

We created the mobile app for Android. The app for iOS will be created later.
The mobile application helps to navigate onn your hiking routes and to receive information on objects on a route, surrounding villages and towns, transport, etc. The map and all data in the application can also work without an Internet connection. All you have to do is sync your data before you go.

Hiking routes

This site has the directory of routes for hiking in the Carpathians . This is the most complete interactive route database integrated with databases of objects, places, settlements, transport information.


Users of the website and mobile applications can communicate with each other. As well as when they are on their hiking routes (when the Internet connection is present). Sitting under "Syvulya" you can ask what is the weather on the meadow "Borevka" for someone who is there at this time and has our application. Communication will help to learn about the current state of routes, springs, huts, camps, etc.


We plan to store and update information that will help in emergencies. Opportunity to ask for help, including via SMS if there is no internet, but there is a mobile connection.
We plan to involve rescuers in using our applications and website.

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Your participation

It is better to achieve the set goals together

If you like hiking in and already have some experience, join us to fill our information base.

Add new objects to the map, add information about existing objects, add photos of places marked on the map.

On all pages you can add comments to clarify or expand information about routes, places, towns

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Interactive map

All information from our database is displayed on the interactive top Map
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Routes directory

In our directory of routes for trekking in the Carpathians there are already 115 interesting routes with differen level of complexity and duration.

Select the route for your next trekking

Random routes

One-day route through Mount Yagidna and forests from Mykulychyn to Tatariv or vice versa
16.5 km
8 hours
Level: Beginner
Start from: Mikulichin - Finish in: Tatariv
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Peaks on the route: Kunikliva , Lisniv , Yahidna
What's interesting: Cross , strumok
Hike to the Mount Skupova and Hungarian Rocks. From the Zelene village to the village of Krasnik
26.8 km
2 days
Level: Amateur
Start from: Zelene - Finish in: Krasnik
Peaks on the route: Roztitsyka , Skupova , Krinta , Zmiinsyka
What's interesting: Річечка , Ungarische Steine
Gorgani. Myslivka village - Gorgan-Ilemsky - Arshitsa traverse - Rosokhan lake - Osmoloda
36.1 km
2 days
Level: Experienced
The route is suitable for the descent from Hoverla. Passes past picturesque waterfalls
3.6 km
2 hours
Level: Amateur
Ends in the town: Vorohta
No comments
Peaks on the route: Hoverla , Breskul , Velika Kozymeska