Information about the developer

This website was founded in 2019 and is supported by Roman Gelembjuk - a lover of the Carpathians and programming. Also within the framework of this project, Roman Gelembjuk developed the mobile application "Trekking Carpathians" for Android and a similar mobile application for iOS (iPhone). (The iOS app is currently in the process of being published)

My name is Roman Gelembjuk. I have two hobbies - programming and hiking in the beautiful Carpathians. I founded the project "Trekking Carpathians" in 2019 and have been developing this platform independently until now. I have created a website and mobile apps for Android and iOS/iPhone called "Trekking Carpathians". All this is available free of charge to all travellers in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Ask for support

To get support related to this web site or to the Android App or to the iOS app please contact with email or use any other contact options of the developer listed below.

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