Rotilo and Horde

Hike to the highest peak of the Pokutsko-Bukovynian Carpathians - Mount Rotilo
Start from: Volova - Finish in: Krivopillya
26.1 km
2 days
Level: Amateur
Peaks on the route: Rotilo , Horde , Klini , Versalem , Kitiluvka , Kopetsy , Maliy Dil
Weather forecast in settlements around the route:
Two or three-day hike. It passes through the 2 highest peaks of the Pokutsko-Bukovynian Carpathians - Rotilo and Horde. The beginning of the route between the villages of Kryvopillya and Volova. Ending near the village of Kryvopillya, on the Kryvopillya pass

3D video animation of this route