Kostrich from the village of Bystrets

Kostrych ridge from the village of Bystrets. The peaks of Kostrich and Kostricha.
Start from the town: Bistretsy
13.4 km
10 hours
Level: Beginner
Peaks on the route: Kostricha , Kostrich , Yavirnik , Ruzha Vazhkovata , Kosarishte
Interesting on the route: Сироварня
Weather forecast in settlements around the route:
Climb the Kostrich ridge, Chornohora mountain range. From here there are wonderful views of the Chornogora ridge. Return by the same route back to the village Bystrets.

3D video animation of this route

Den Belitskiy - 2020-10-17 05:00:21
Den Belitskiy - 2020-10-17 05:00:21