Climbing the Petros from the villages of Bogdan and Hoverla

Climb the Petros Chornohirskyi from the village of Bohdan and descent to the village of Hoverla
Start from: Bohdan - Finish in: Hoverla
45.6 km
2 days
Level: Amateur
Peaks on the route: Petros , Kaminyya , Petrosul
Interesting on the route: Hoverla's Clause
Weather forecast in settlements around the route:
Climb to Chornogora from the "backyard". This is a less popular route for climbing the Mount Petros. A similar route can be built to climb Hoverla. The villages Bogdan and Hoverla belong to the Rakhiv district of the Zakarpattia region. It is more difficult to get here by public transport than to alternative routes. Really pass in a day. But it is better to plan with one night.

3D video animation of this route