Ridge Synjak. Bukovel – Tatariv

Bukovel - Maly Gorgan - Sinyak - Khomyakiv polonyna - Khomyak - Zhenets street - Tatariv
Start from: Bukovely - Finish in: Tatariv
18.8 km
8 hours
Level: Amateur
Peaks on the route: Sinyak , Maliy Horhan , Hom'yak , Babin Pohar , Bukely , Bukovely
Interesting on the route: Chapel , Chapel , Strange trees , Waterfall Huk , Narinetsykiy vdsp.
Weather forecast in settlements around the route:
Route in Gorgans near the tourist complex Bukovel. Covers popular peaks: Malyi Gorgan, Synjak, Homjak. Passing the route will take all day. Many tourists pass this route with an overnight stay in the Homjak polonyna.

3D video animation of this route

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